Hotel System:

A Complete Digital Hospitality Solution for Hotels

Hospitality integrators are challenged to deliver cost effective high-speed data connections for distributing TV, video and data services. Hotels are often upgraded to support IPTV at the same time as broadband connections are built, and the main cost comes from building the connections to individual hotel rooms. The process is far simpler with Sargix because we use 

the existing coaxial cable network. Installation is fairly straight forward, the equipment is installed in the main MATV server room while the Sargix Smartbox gets installed in all rooms. The highest throughput is then achieved while having the best robustness to noise of any wireline technology.

A centralised software management system is installed and Viola the Sargix Hospitality system is deployed and running.


The Sargix solution not only offers the Hotel to use there existing Channel head-end line-up but it also allows the option to add International channels which are allowed to be viewed subject to country and zone regulations.

Among other features, designed specially for hospitality sector, Sargix solutions allow:

1.Live Television at HD Digital Quality.

2.HD Movies on Demand ( VOD).

3.High Speed Wifi Internet.

4.Room Service Food & Beverage.

5.Hotel Directory Information.

6.Tours and activity booking service.

7.Taxi / Shuttle booking service

8.Airport arrivals and departures information.

9.Guest Account services.

10.Exchange rate live information.

11.Messaging Service.

12.Easy navigation from a single remote control.

Sargix System Hardware items.

1.Sargix CMS management controller (Server 1) 

2.VOD + Media Transcoder (Server 2) 

3.Satellite Receiver  IPTV Stream 8 ports

4.Media 1Gig Network Switch

5.Sargix Distribution Encoder

6.Sargix Terminal

7.Sargix Smartbox (Hotel Room)

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