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SHENZHEN COMIVISION DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a development of digital TV and multimedia broadcasting technology-based technology company. 

Comivision has a team of experts and experienced engineers in Digital head end systems. They are familiar with head end equipment like Mux, Encoders, transmitters, modulators, and the  performance, spec etc of these products. The team also knows well Digital head end software systems, like EPG, SMS, Datacasting, VOD etc.


We are able to give customers head end solutions like DVB-S2,DVB-T/T2, DVB-C and so on. The company has good partnerships with many CA providers like CTI, Cerbercrypt, Conax, etc. And Comivision provides consultancy or solution designs or installation service to your needs in digital broadcasting.


Besides these professional services, we also design and manufacturer STBs to customers’ special requirements, for example some DVB-C+T/ DVB-S+IP Combo models, or Operator’s special box with media player function.


Comivision would be happy to give any consultancy or service to these, who are interesting to know more about China products and import from China.

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