Factors to Consider When Selecting a Suitable Alarm System For Your

2017 / 05 / 15

If you're interested in home security, but averse to paying monthly fees, then the Secrui Alarm is a system that already belongs at the top of your list. That's even more true today, as the company announced a system expansion that includes three intriguing new components: a glass break sensor, a plug-in automation module, and the "Doorfront," a multifunctional doorbell camera with an integrated motion detector and intercom. With its unique design, the sleek-looking Doorfront is the probably the biggest eyebrow-raiser of the bunch. Weather-resistant and flexible enough to be hard-wired into an existing doorbell or operated off of a battery, it has the look of a device with design strengths that extend beyond its appearance. Secrui Alarm claims that it's "theft-proof," too, and that's something that we'll look forward to putting to the test.
The Secrui Alarm Smart Switch will allow users to automate anything with a plug on it. Secrui Alarm's new "Smart Switch" is another interesting upgrade, giving users the ability to plug any appliance they like directly into their system, then monitor its status and energy usage, turn it on and off remotely, or schedule it to come on at a specific time. I'll be eager to see how it compares with the Belk-in We-Mo Insight Switch, and whether it blocks adjacent outlets when plugged in, or keeps them accessible, as the promotional photo would suggest.

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